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    How to effectively use Character Styles

    dfkurz Level 1

      Hello, I am fairly new to InDesign, but have an extensive background with FrameMaker. I am having trouble figuring out how to best use character styles in ID, because of the difference between it and FM.


      Lets say I have two different body text styles, which use different fonts or different sizes, each of which is saved as a paragraph style.


      In Framemaker, when you go into the Character Style editor, for each value you can select the value "As Is". So if I want to make a Bold character style, I leave the font and size attributes set to "As Is" and I change only the weight attribute to Bold.


      Now, I can select either Body Text 1 or Body Text 2 for the paragraph style and if I want to bold a word, I just highlight that word and select the Bold character style. The text is bolded but everything else that is unique to that paragraph style remains. If I ever need to unbold the word, I can just select it and then select No Style from the Character Style catalog


      But in ID, it looks like you have to define the value for each attribute in the Character Style editor. So I would need to create two separate bold styles, one for each paragraph style, because if I define the font and size, it will switch those  values as well as the weight. And if I need to create a separate Bold Character style for each paragraph style in which the default font is not bolded, what is the advantage of using character styles? Why not simply highlight the text and select the bold value from the Character palette, which then modifies the paragraph style just for those words that you bolded?