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    Activating CS6 Offline


      I have the same exact problem as Problems activating CS6 offline . Stealing the relevant info from his post:


      I am trying to install CS6. I went through the offline activation process, received my Response Code, completed the activation successfully. I clicked on "Launch" and it just took me back to the activation page. I rebooted and re-installed and both gave the exact same result.


      The solution was:

      You need to contact Adobe Support either by chat or via phone when you have serial number and activation issues.

      Here are some links to help make contact:




      Here lies the problem... Clicking the links direct you to Contact Customer Care and going through the support tree, the issue isn't addressed. You get to the end of the support tree and it just tells you do click the links that redirect you to the home page for support. Just like the registration problem, I am stuck in a circular loop.