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    Change true/false value on form field to 'X' or blank




      I have been trying to change the values in a text field that come in on a form as true/false values when the document loads.  I have tried field calculation and format where I change the value, however, those values will not change unless a value on the form is modified first, which did work, however that behavior is not desired.  I have then tried document level javascript, however, I can't even get the app.alert to fire when the document loads.  I have tried the javascript in several ways. 


      This is what I currently have in the doc level javascripts:

      function CourseSelections()



        if(this.getField("Course_Selection_MS_Career_Exploration").value == true){


          this.getField("Course_Selection_MS_Career_Exploration").value = 'X';}



          this.getField("Course_Selection_MS_Career_Exploration").value = '';




      I have also tried (although I think event can only be set from a field level script and not in the doc level scripts):

      var x = this.getField("Course_Selection_MS_Art_Appreciation_6")

      if(x.value == true)


        event.value = 'X';


      else if(x.value == false){

        event.value = '';



      In the first example, you can see I have an alert, and regardless if it is opened on the web, or in Acrobat, I get no alert box, which leads me to believe that the doc level scripts are not running on load.


      Any help would be appreciated as I am about to give up on this issue.  Thanks


      Disregard field names, there are several and I know they are different in the examples.