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    Library module slow in LR 5.5


      I just upgraded from an old MacPro 2,1 tower to the latest MacPro 3.5 GHz 6-Core with 32GB  and a 512 SSD.  I have the latest version of LR 5.5 and I'm still having the same slow response in the Library Module that I was having on my 7 year old machine.  I'm going through a folder with a few hundred images and after 3-4 images I get the spinning wheel for 2 seconds.  It used to be in LR3 that you could zip through a few hundred images, hit the space bar to see focus, zoom out and set as rejected an move on all with steady flow.  Now, with way more machine, I'm working slower than I did 3 years ago.  What am I missing?  I'm not even talking about the Develop Module, doing anything with the images, just going through in the Library and setting as rejected.


      I have down the following:

      Optimized the catalog

      21,000 images in the catalog

      Write to XMP is turned off. 

      1-1 previews built in advance. 

      Catalog moved to the SSD internal rather than an external Thunderbolt drive. 

      iTunes up to date. 

      OS 10.9.4

      Camera Raw Cache at 20GB

      Only other app open is Safari

      Lightroom Mobile not activated thus not syncing


      I hope there is something I'm overlooking.