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    Render Crashing with New Update

    kwdelre Level 1

      Well, last night I rendered a project with zero issues.

      Today I updated via CC App and some hell broke loose.


      First, when I opened CC 2014 (had used it many times before) it suddenly thinks I was using a trial version???? Even though I am signed in. Nice bug Adobe.

      So I followed the prompts and it was magically linked again.


      Then, I render out the exact same project with only minor keyframe timing adjustments. After it gets a a bit done, AE freezes and never recovers. (crashed one of those times) It has done this three times in a row now, even after restarts, and memory dumps.


      Is anyone else having issues rendering? I know each system is different, but my point is that nothing changed except for timing keyframes which would have ZERO to do with this issue.


      Thanks for any insight.


      - Will

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          kwdelre Level 1

          It looks like I got it to render past where it stopped before. I unchecked "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously." Not sure why that would stop allowing it to render without freezing.

          I did notice that in the activity manager the RAM was used around 31GB out of 32GB, yet I have the AE preferences set to save 4 GB of RAM for other applications.....

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            kwdelre Level 1

            I see Kevin with Adobe has marked this as correct.....


            Is there any other information about this bug to provide users? As much as I like talking to myself, it would be nice to know why I (or we) have to uncheck "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously."