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    Image CFC Help

    DDhillon Level 1
      Has anyone ever worked with image.cfc component? I m trying to use it for creating thumbnails but cant work around it. Please share your code or experience if anyone has ever used it. The code I have used is as below:

      <cfset myfilepath= getDirectoryFromPath( getTemplatePath() ) >
      <cffile action="upload"
      <cfset uploadedImage = cffile.serverfile>
      <!--- Invoke image.cfc component --->
      <cfset imageCFC = createObject("component","image") />

      <!--- scaleX image to 150px wide --->
      <cfset scaleX150 = imageCFC.scaleX("", "#myfilepath#\Images\#uploadedImage#", "#myfilepath#\Images\_scaleX_150_#uploadedImage#", 150)>

      Its giving me error "The method 'scaleX' could not be found in component ". I have never used components in the past. Please tell me what should I do to use this component. If someone has code showing how it has been used for creating thumbnails purpose will be very appreciated.

      Thank you