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    Lock Custom Filter to Folder


      Hi everyone,

      Coming from Aperture, one thing that I find extremely inefficient in Lightroom is the inability to lock a custom filter to a folder.  I have dozens of image folders, some of which have images curated with 2-star rating, other folders which are filtered using color labels, etc.  In Aperture, each filter was locked to its respective folder.  However, in Lightroom, electing to only view 2-star rated images causes that filter to stay that way regardless of which image folder you switch to afterwards.  As far as workflow efficiency goes, I am surprised this hasn't been addressed/suggested by now (considering Lightroom is at version 5, versus Aperture's version 3).  I strongly suggest the development team offer an option to lock Custom image filters to folders (a simple on/off toggle would suffice).


      We run a busy portrait studio and sort through thousands of images each month, so workflow efficiency is of utmost importance to us.  Thanks for reading guys!




      Michael Kormos

      Fresh & Modern Family Photography