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    Copying an identity plate over on a 2up template


      Hi there,


      I am using the 2 up template and making greeting cards. I have been searching videos and forums trying to figure out how to copy over my identity plate from one half of the template (one card) to the other. On my identity plate, I have my name, website and title of the photo listed. The identity plate is positioned to print on the back side of the card near the bottom. I created one plate and it is in position on the left card, but on the right it is blank and I need to create a copy to add it to the right side or it will not print my info. Is there a way to do this? Again, it is not ON the image where I would like it, it is on the back of the card. How do I create two identity plates that has all of my information on it (with a e-signature) to be situated on each card?


      Thank you so much for your help!!