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    Help - my photo xml photo album's on fire...:)

      Hello there,

      I have recently completed the tutorial on how to make a slideshow with thumbnails. It is found here: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/thumbnails.htm . I figured this would be a great way to show off a friends photogallery. The site is viewable here: www.prestigeinteractive.com/anneliephotography .

      Well I can get it to work, however, when I try to load the swf file into another fla, the paths are messed up. Sadly, I am not good with code, so I am wondering what lines would need to be fixed in order to make this code work?

      First I will tell you how I've structured the site.
      - I have a swf file that basically loads a bunch of swf files into their appropriate x y coordinates.
      - I have buttons that when selected open up external swf files into a movie clip called siteContentPage_mc . (this is where the site's content is loaded)
      - On one page that is called portfolio, I want to have my slideshow photogallery page load. I am wondering how I would have to modify the code to make it work in this setting. I know it has to do with paths, but I am not sure which one's need changing. Currently the xml file resides in the folder with the swf files.

      Here is the code at this time.