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    A good part of my photo's are suddenly "moved" to another location and I cannot acces them.


      I always work with a external hard disk on the location that the computer refers to as the letter "O".

      Now a lot of my folders and including images are mysteriously moved to a location "G" and other photo's to a location mentioned "N". See the images I included.

      The G-location and N-location, on which I don't know what kind of device of disk this could be, is according to lightroom " offline".

      It is now not possible to acces these photo's. And I worked on these photo's (selections and editing) for months..

      If I import the images again I will lose all the actions I have taken allready.

      Is there any way to tackle this problem?


      lightroom G-location.pngLightroom N-location and O-location.png