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    Audition Multitrack Mixdown Export Issue

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      It's my first time here and I hope I can get some help. I have a multitrack session, which I want to export to an AIF, but when I do, I end up with a file where the sound cuts out in parts, absolute silence with clicks in others, or just a wall of static at some point in the final AIF. I have what can be bussed, bussed, etc. I have tried exporting some tracks in groups, hoping to reassemble them in a new session, but even then I has the same clipping/noise/static issue. Two other songs have exported just fine (granted, they do not have as many stems). What could I do to solve this issue? Do I need a more powerful machine? I can't afford one and I need to get these sessions exported fairly urgently. Help would be greatly appreciated.


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          ryclark Level 6

          Can you save out the Multitrack mixdown as a normal wav file to begin with? If so you should then be able to convert that to an AIFF quite easily. If it doesn't even mixdown to a successful wav file then there is some other problem either with the computer or the track routing in your Multitrack session.

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            Hey, thank you, for the reply. I keep my sessions pretty simple; the most complicated thing is sending some tracks, like backing vox, to a mix bus. But yes, even a WAV is not happening properly.


            I did, however, come across this on a "known issues" article on the Adobe site:

            Export of mixdown when using multiple instances of Full Reverb or Reverb effects cab results in crash in low memory conditions (issue #2780894):

            Export mixdown of a session that contains multiple Reverb or Full Reverb effects applied in realtime results in Adobe Audition crashing. This issue occurs in low- or no-free memory conditions. Both Reverb and Full Reverb effects produce warning messages indicating the resource intensity of these two effects. Adobe suggests bouncing tracks containing Reverb or Full Reverb incrementally if session contains multiple clips or tracks with either of these effects applied. Conditions and results vary from system to system depending upon configuration and available and free memory as well as use of these two effects.

            Full Reverb and Reverb effects can introduce long delays resulting in changes made in the user interface not being instantly heard (issue #2808053):
            Full reverb and reverb effects (being non-real time/high process effects) use a long delay line to produce an audible effect. In extreme situations and settings, this delay can be up to 30 seconds long. Adobe Audition properly delays all audio (via Adobe Audition's built-in delay compensation) so that you hear the affected audio in proper time and context. During playback, any adjustments made to the audio are similarly delayed. Starting or stopping playback flushes the delay line buffer and any changes are audible immediately on next playback. An additional workaround can be achieved by using the new track pre-render feature on any tracks or busses using non-real time, high process effects.

            I do use Full Reverb on a few tracks. I might have to look into a way of recreating my reverbs for these, if it turns out to be the problem. I'll check this on Monday and see whether removing the Full Reverbs fixes the issue.


            What do you think?

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              ryclark Level 6

              Have you tried Pre-rendering or Freezing some of the tracks with Full Reverb on them. This should release some resources by reducing the load on the CPUs when doing your mixdown.

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                Paul_Ferguson Level 2

                Well, the first of those scenarios you cite says that the issue's in real time, which makes sense, but if you're working with a saved file, it shouldn't be an issue.  You say you've tried exporting the multitrack session.  What happens when you try Multitrack>Mixdown session to new file?  Same result?

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                  ryclark: I tried pre-rendering, with no success and much frustration. The results remain the same. Could I ask a BIG favour? I am very new at this. Would you be so kind as to have look through my .sesx files and tell me what I'm messing up, please? I could send you a direct DropBox link to the file? I'm desperate.


                  Paul_Ferguson: I have the same issue when I export the multitrack session for both files. Two other files export fine, and I haven't done anything different in how I constructed the multitrack session, if I can put it like that.

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                    Guys ryclark and Paul_Ferguson,


                    I think, I'm having this issue: Re: Detected Dropped Samples Issue... Windows 7 My files are saying "Detected Dropped Samples" in the bottom right corner and when I export, as I've mentioned, I get static in places, out of sync vocals, and other weirdness (I tried your advice, DoBro, and the new track looks like the attached). I can't afford a new hard drive right now. Is there any hope, or must I resign to the fact that this EP is not going to happen 1 August. Ugh.


                    Mixdown New Track



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                      ryclark Paul_Ferguson


                      I tried exporting the tracks on a different machine and I had the same issue. So, I am thinking it might be the .sesx file itself? This is very confusing. I'd really appreciate if someone could check my .sesx files out for me? I don't know where I am messing up. These files exported just fine during my rough mix stage and now they're giving trouble. Arg.

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                        ryclark Level 6

                        The best people to check out your session files are either Durin (one of Audition's developers who visits here from time to time) or SuiteSpot (who wrote the excellent AATranslator software). They are both better a interpreting what's going on in a .sesx file than any of us. But you may have to wait a bit until they pass by and see your request.

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                          _durin_ Adobe Employee

                          Feel free to send your SESX to audbugs@adobe.com and I'll take a look, but if the anomalies are consistent, it's most likely the media or effects that are causing those issues or noises.  Was this session initially recorded in Audition?  If you disable the effects rack for each track, do you get the static and sync issues?

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                            nineteenseventysix Level 1

                            ryclark Paul_Ferguson @_durin_


                            I have sent you an email, Durin. Thank you, so much! The session was originally recorded in Garageband and I imported the AIFF files. As I mention in the email, once I remove the effects (leaving the EQs), the file exports just fine. So, I am messing up with my effects, somehow.

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                              SuiteSpot Level 4

                              Sorry, I missed this thread


                              I know Durin's guys have it but I'm also happy to look at the sesx but I would doubt very much if that is the issue.  'Dropped samples' and 'full reverb' in the same thread smacks of insufficient processing power

                              I might have missed it but I don't see any details of your hardware or number of tracks and files in the session

                              You mention trying a different PC - what sort of hardware setup was that?

                              I think you may have mentioned that you were running on a laptop - does this laptop have an SSD drive or is it something like a 5400rpm internal drive or is the session being run from an external drive?


                              The more info the better

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                                ryclark therealdobro @_durin_ Suite Spot

                                Thank you all, for your help with this.

                                It was definitely a processing issue, as you pointed out. My solution was to apply what effects I could to the WAV files themselves – things like Multi-band Compression, Full Reverb, Pitch Correction, etc. – it solved the problem and the files now export perfectly.

                                As a side note, I even sent the files to a professional mixing studio and they couldn't export the files either!