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    What is the easiest way to create and share photo/video gallery or slide show with family via web?


      I am brand new to Lightroom (converted from Aperture) and made the conversation mainly because I thought that Adobe would bring many more options and because Apple has discontinued development of Aperture. Part of the reason I am asking this question is because there is so much information out there on this subject that it is overwhelming and actually is making it difficult to determine the best way to simply arrange my photos/videos into a slideshow and then to publish somewhat of a gallery or slideshow to show family and friends in other states. 


      I do not like publishing things to Facebook/etc.  Too public.  I just want a simple, efficient way to create a gallery with music and have a link I can send to my family (they all live in another state). 


      Any help narrowing this down for me would be greatly appreciated!




      RJ Chesterton