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    Bridge 2014?

    Barteg Level 1



      I just realized, that there is besides "Photopshop CC" now also a "Photoshop CC (2014)". (Back to versioning again? ;-) )


      Also almost all Adobe tools have also a 2014 version. But Bridge seams not to be updated.


      Will be there any Bridge 2014, too? Or will be Bridge not longer maintained?


      I rely on Bridge, as LightRoom is much slower than the "plain" CameraRAW in Bridge, so I have to use Bridge.


      But if Adobe does not plan to maintain it, and does not solve the known performance issues in LightRoom (II'm no the only one). Then I'm a victim of the new per per month strategy of Photoshop. Because if I do not pay my monthly fee, I can not open any file.


      Any chance that Bridge will be still maintained?