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    Where do I find the Codec for "m2ts"?

    MGW of Boulder Level 1

      Again as I try to get Premiere Elements up and running on my Windows 8 System, I ran into a missing codec.

           "This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed" is the error message I received when I attempted to import "00001.m2ts 48000_1.pek" which was in the      "copied" archive transferred from my other system.  It worked there so, it must be a missing codec on my new system.


      Premiere Elements 11 running under Windows 8.1.


      How do I go about getting this Codec loaded.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That PEK file is not an edit file, it is a temporary "generated" file used internally by the program

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            MGW of Boulder Level 1

            The "CFA" file also generates the error code.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Bottom line..... if you want to import the Copied Folder's audio exclusively for playback as a music file, you use the copy of the music file itself in the Copied Folder and not its conformed audio files (cfa and pek) of which the pek file is one (involved in the project'sTimeline waveform). You do not use cfa and/or pek as a playback audio file.




              When you write

              00001.m2ts 48000_1.pek

              In the BDMV folder, 00000.m2ts represents the movie file; 00001.m2ts represents the main menu of the disc menu; 00002.m2ts scene menu


              What you wrote tells me that you are trying to play back a standalone conformed audio file that relates to a main menu replacement audio in a disc menu. The replacement audio has 3 possible files associated with it, the audio file itself (Project Assets, .mp3, wav), the conformed audio set of cfa file and pek file (Media Cache Files Folder). The pek file is related to the waveform that you see in the audio track display style that displays the audio's waveform in the project.


              If you have imported audio to the project's Timeline and have replacement audio in the disc menu, then in the Copied Folder you should expect to find

              IN EACH CASE 3 files -  the music file itself and the associated conformed audio files (cfa and pek).


              If you remove the .pek file from the Copied Folder, the project.prel that you open from there will have audio issues (no audio track display waveform and

              probably no sound). The program automatically generates these conformed audio files if deleted, but.... that is another story.


              You are not looking for a .m2ts codec.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I did not see your reply to John numbered 2.


                Please refer to my full description of your situation in post numbered 3. If any questions, please ask.


                Thank you.



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                  MGW of Boulder Level 1

                  So right.


                  The file I was looking for was in the Archive (copy) located in a folder and Premiere Elements apparently could not find it.