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    Why is it so chaotic to Sync Settings between apps of Adobe CC 2014? (and to transfer settings from CC to CC 2014)

    Sebmolo Level 1

      Although, in general I'm a big fan of the Adobe Products and the CC Idea, I think that some parts of it were not ready for launch.


      The part that mostly disturbs me is the settings syncing / Update. (Or "Seamless Update")

      Concerning the updates:

      I had own workspace in all the CC Adobe Apps, the only CC 2014 App that imported the previous settings in the new app at the first start was Photoshop.

      • Indesign made it through the Edit => Migrate previous local settings
      • Illustrator by copying the settings files manually
      • in Dreamweaver and Flash I had to recreate the workspace manually (which finally took less time then trying  to sync settings.)

      So long for the Seamless update that wasn't so seamless.

      Concerning the settings syncing

      Why could'nt adobe have the settings syncing working the same way in all it's CC 2014 applications? ( File Menu on PC / The Name of the App Menu on Mac => Sync Settings, upload or download settigns; done!)

      Instead (on mac) :

      In Photoshop: Photoshop => my account name => upload and download settings ( and no way to import settings from previous version )

      In Illustrator: Illustrator => my account name => Sync Settings ( and I cannot import settings from the previous version, only from the same version )

      in Indesign: Indesign => my account name => Sync Settings ( and the only CC 2014 App where the "Migrate previous local settings" function is working )

      in Dreamweaver => my account name => Sync Settings and a button on the far right of the upper toolbar (and no way to import previous version's local settings)

      in Flash => my account name => Sync Settings and a button on the far right of the upper toolbar (and no way to import previous version's local settings)

      in Premiere Pro => my account name => Sync Settings with the possibility to clear settings and to use settings from a different account


      Appart from that update and syncing chaos, the syncing between two computers simply doesn't seem to work ( at least for me).

      I have a computer at work and a laptop at home and I'd like to have the same workspace in my apps at home as at work for occasional home working.

      I created and configured my custom workspaces on the mac at work and then synced settings (respectively uploaded them in Photoshop). I had cleared all the saved settings from the Creative Cloud online account first.

      I arrived at home, tried to sync settings but no workspace was implemented. (and before you ask, yes i had checked that the workspaces should be synced and that, on the laptop at home, the cloud settings should be applied.)

      After few tryings I gave up and ended up recreating my setings on both machine. Frankly I don't know why the sync settings are for, since they just don't seem to work.

      I really think you should rethink this feature: make it simpler, working THE SAME WAY in all Adobe apps, and, well, just working!

      I'd just like to log into creative cloud an any computer, sync settings, and be able to use my custom created workspace.


      I posted this in the Cloud Forum since, in my opinion, the settings syncing is a cloud matter and not a matter of each app individually.