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    Photoshop CC 14.0 brings computer to standstill. At my wits end :(

    Mikeybobs123 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Whenever I open a document in Photoshop CC my computer becomes very laggy; web pages don't respond, Windows Explorer takes ages to fire up, other apps/windows become unresponsive. It basically brings my computer a standstill. If I close PS my system returns to normal after a short while.


      Inside Photoshop itself, it tends to run okay for the first 15-30 mins, then it pretty much becomes impractical to use (lag when zooming/panning, transforming objects, switching layer visibility, using the brush tool, saving, trying to minimize window etc). I've found that quitting Photoshop and restarting temporarily resolves this, before it starts to lag again.    


      I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling PS and the Creative Cloud app but with no better results. I first noticed the problem after updating to CC 2014 (which has now been uninstalled) before which PS 14.0 used to run perfectly fine. This could juts be a coincidence though.