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    Behringer UMC404 recording interface not working with Audition CC / CS6


      Has anyone else used this new 4-channel interface from Behringer? I can't get it to work with my newer Macbook (OSX 10.9.4). It works with my old Macbook (OXS 10.9.2) using Adobe Audition CS6, but with the new Macbook it doesn't work with Audition CS6 or CC.


      In CS6, it recognizes the device under Hardware, but will soon say (Not Working) under Hardware.


      In CC, it doesn't even recognize that the device is connected. There's no option to select it under "Hardware", only 'Built-in Microphone".


      I know that the device works, because it works with CS6 on the old computer with no problem.


      Does anyone know a way to get CC to recognize the device?