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    Creative cloud trial install, about to NOT buy it!!!!!!


      I am literally MOMENTS from snapping here. Adobe is increasingly ticking me RIGHT OFF! I can not even share with you how angry I am right now. This is ridiculous. First I am NOT pleased with their latest "subscription based" programs idea. It is a rip off in my opinion. BUT because I want to be able to use the latest of Adobe software I figured I would at LEAST give the trial a go. Ya, what a joke. I can NOT get it to install.


      I download the ridiculous Creative Cloud desktop app and it just repeatedly tells me "Download error, contact customer support". That in and of itself is a JOKE! I can't get a hold of ANY customer support because no matter what I choose to "ask" about on their stupid support page it sends me HERE to the forums. How about a real live INDIVIDUAL?!? At this moment if I DID get a hold of an Adobe employee I wouldn't stop screaming for 10 minutes!


      So anyone who actually either knows how to get a hold of someone OR how to make this trial ACTUALLY work would be greatly appreciated. They really want me to subscribe to something when I can't get it to work as a trial? Are they serious?


      Any help is appreciated because I am seriously frustrated with Adobe right now. They better get their act together. I don't care HOW great their programs are, if people can't use them THAT doesn't matter.


      Thank you for any help, and for listening to me absolutely losing my mind over this lol.