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    Epson 4800 Printing Test Pattern from Print Module




      I just switched from printing using ColorByte's ImagePrint software over to the Lightroom Print Module. I am having a weird issue trying to get the printing to work. Essentially what happens is, whenever I print from the Print Module, the 4800 first spits out a separate page from the photo that resembles a test pattern. I've attached a photo of it to this thread. THEN it attempts to print the image on a second sheet, at what seems (judging by the print speed) to be a Draft level print. I would assume this is not an "as designed" behavior. This is also my first time printing using Windows 8.1, but I did reinstall the 4800 driver, and check to make sure Windows did not install a default Printer driver onto the system. I also believe I set up my Printer Settings correctly, turning off color management on the printer side, etc, but who knows. I'm sure I'm doing something bone headed, does anyone have ideas? Thanks.