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    No hand with hyperlink

      I have a standard text member that I've filled the html property of to present details to a user. This code contains some hyperlinks (for editing the content) and 95% of the time they work fine.

      However, the links don't work the first time the user navigates to that page. Subsequent visits are all fine - even if nothing's changed (click to view list - no link, click to main, click to list - links work). I thought it might be a locZ problem but I've quadruple checked this and there's nothing in front of it anyway. I thought it might have lost 'focus' (if such a thing exists in a projector) and have tried a couple of things to ensure this sprite is active but to no avail.

      I'm going mad 'cos it's an annoying little bug that doesn't seem to make any sense. The page works perfectly from the second time onwards and I just can't work it out.