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    Hologram Effect


      Hi there, After Effects Community!


      I am an aspiring YouTuber who is about to do their first Effects video. This involves the creation of holograms made by "Solids" in Adobe After Effects. However, there is one problem. In the picture shown, my hand appears to be under the hologram.



      I was wondering if there is a way to have them appear on top to make the scene seem more "realistic". I'd appreciate it if photos are included in your responses as I learn more visually! Thank you so much!

      Jeric Brual

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have no idea what you are trying to do. Is the hand supposed to be the hologram? Do you have any examples of the kind of effect you are trying to achieve?


          Usually a hologram is depicted as a 3-D object floating in space. Usually the simulated hologram is brighter than the surroundings and that it is a bunch of vertical lines that are kind of glowing.


          A good way to simulate that effect is to use the transition effect the Venetian blinds, set the number of divisions to a very high number, and then apply some kind of glow or levels the layer to complete the effect. If your hand is supposed to be the hologram Roto out the hand so that's the only thing on the layer, then apply Venetian blinds and glow and crank up the levels. Then use the screen or add blend mode to overlay the layer on the background.


          You will need more than basic understanding of how AE works to pull this off. If you are completely new then please go through the getting started materials available all over this forum.

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            CoolVidsFTW Level 1

            Hi, Rick.


            The hand is not the hologram. The light blue solid is and my hand(s) is/are interacting with it. As seen here in this YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DprWnbJPkTk the person's left hand appears under the screen and his right hand over it. Please watch the video if I'm not explaining this correctly. Assuming you've already watched the video, the user deals with a static image that isn't moving, but I was wondering if you could do the same thing, but with a video like mine.


            The hologram tutorial I used to get this far is located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7M6e6RnF6A


            I hope I cleared things up a little bit.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you watch the last part of the video where he showed you how to duplicate the layer and add some masking and then rearrange the layers so the cut out hand because of the virtual panel. That's all that is to it. You have to duplicate the footage with your hand, rotoscope or mask out your hand, and put the masked hand above the blue solid. I assume your hand is moving so you might want to give Roto brush a try.


              For excellent resources on using Rotobrush simply type Rotobrush in the After Effects search help field at the top right corner of the app. Rotobrush is not intuitive so you will have to go through some tutorials.

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                CoolVidsFTW Level 1

                Ah! I see! I saw a few tutorials on Rotoscoping, and I think I have a better understanding on how to do the rest of the Hologram Effect in my video. Thank you so much, Rick!