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    ACR will not synch "all"


      I posted this in the Photoshop forum, but then I saw this would be a better place for it:


      When I go to Adobe Camera Raw to work on my RAW files, I adjust one file and crop it like I want it.  I then click on Synchronize and select "All".

      It used to check mark everything, but since my last update, it check marks everything EXCEPT "crop".  This sounds like a minor thing, but in the scope of working on files all day long, it bugs me.

      I am using CS Photoshop/Bridge 6 (Version 12.0.4) 64 bit version.  My old Photoshop versions still synch everything (including crop) when I click "all".

      Lightroom has no problem either.


      Is there a way to go backwards and get the older version, or can this be fixed?


      Thank you,