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    Titles in #STRINGS table are corrupted

      My developer is extracting topic title information from the #STRINGS
      table within my project's .chm file in order to perform a full-text
      search on the project. This works well, except that some of the
      titles are coming up blank in her search window.

      When I look at the topic in my project, the title exists within the
      topic and in the Topic Title box on the topic properties. I don't see
      anything unusual in the HTML code for the topic.

      Interestingly, when I delete the topic and then add it back to the
      project, it fixes the problem in THAT topic, but it moves to another
      one! If I open the compiled .chm in HTML Help Studio and look through
      the #STRINGS table, I can find the offending topic title, and it is
      duplicated (for example, "Topic_TitleTopic_Title" instead of
      just "Topic_Title").

      The title appears correctly in the Help's search function.

      In addition to deleting the topic, I have also tried deleting
      the .cpd and .xpj file and opening the project from the .hhp file.
      Then I tried creating a new project and importing the HTML files in,
      copying the .hhk and .hhc files from the original project. The blank
      title still comes up, but it is in a different topic than before.

      I think the corrupted title is coming from the .cpd file, but I'm not
      sure. And I don't know how to fix it, even if that is the location.
      Nothing I'm doing in RoboHelp seems to correct it. I tried using Access
      to change the title in the table, but that had no impact, either.

      Is there some way to clean up titles in the inner workings of
      RoboHelp? Doing it through the interface doesn't seem to be working.
      I am now using RH6, but the problem existed in RHX5 also.

      Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

      Stephen Driggars
      Sr. Technical Writer
      Sage Software