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    LR 5.5 Doesn't work.  Won't import files from Sony or Canon


      Since initially downloading LR 5, I have been unable to import files from my Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mk3, or my Sony Nex 7.   All three cameras are running the latest firmware versions.


      I'm using an Apple 27" IMac, with 3.4GHz Intel I7, with 16Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 ram.


      The ONLY way I've gotten LR 5.X to import any images has been to move them from the memory card, to a folder on the desktop, and then import them from that folder.


      Anything else I try results in a dialogue box that tells me the images can't be imported.


      LR4 works just fine, and I have no issues importing files from any of my three cameras with it.