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    Software Video Camera

      Is Software Video Camera defunct? RoboHelp 6 doesn't seem to have it. It's listed in the featurs, however.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I can't say I've ever used it as Captivate (formally RoboDemo) has taken over as Adobe's tutorial tool. If you can afford a licence I'd definitely buy it.
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            johndaigle Level 4
            Though I am now an Adobe Captivate instructor, I have fond memories of Software Video Camera because it was the only thing available back in the mid-90s. It is a relic of the non-streaming, pre-web world when the only way to capture screen movement was by capturing in an .avi file which becomes so large it can only be delivered on CD realistically.

            As I recall, it was limited to 16-bit, 256 colors and you had to dumb down your graphics adapter to make it work. It makes sense that they left this oldtimer out. I last used it about 5 years ago and it seemed to conflict with modern video adapter cards. A static screen capture/image editing tool has been added, RoboScreen Capture.

            If that kind of non-Flash capture is absolutely necessary, there are plenty of freeware-shareware substitues. My favorite is RiverPast Screen Recorder Pro