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    rampreview skips over parts of my timeline of my work area


      Computer specs:

      AMD a4-3400 APU processor

      Radeon(tm) hd graphics 2.70 ghz

      4.00 gb RAM

      64 bit

      Adobe After Effects CC (12.2)


      First off I'd like to say i'm a call of duty editor and i've never had this problem before in any projects in after effects.

      Recently, I have been having an issue with adjustment layers hindering my ram preview ability sometimes.


      Occasionally If I add an adjustment layer, my ram preview yields to preview that section that is encompassed by the adjustment layer (below) and sometimes it even fails to preview anything after.


      During the ram preview, my video will play but it will end where this adjustment starts, and it will repeat from the beginning like any ram preview does.

      this is the only picture I have because it's really all this problem consists of.


      I have tried purging my cache, yet the same ordeal happens when I repeat the ram preview.


      This hasn't ever happened to me up until about a week ago in which this first started happening in my last project I worked on. I really have no idea as to what I should do next, and I'd greatly appreciate any help or solutions.