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    Problem in accessing HTML data

    Ashish Mishra Level 1
      Hi Frens,

      I m getting some html data from my servlet. But From Server it is sending the data in html format. There, It is sending the data in CDATA format. Here I get some problem in displaying the data in Flex. I have following questions:

      1. How can I parse that XML data into HTML data, Since that data comes from many mail servers, I don't have idea, whether they are properly formatted or not. I am getting this data in xml format. How can i convert it back to HTML format?

      2. The 2nd Problem is that it may contain some images also, So will component is suitable for me to display the data? Example is a mail, If it has some html data, along with images. Which component is suitable for this?

      Please help to get out this problem.