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    File links

      I can certainly link to and open a file from within RH, but if I edit the file can I then save it (Ideally with a new name)?

      Also, I seem to be unable to open PDF files.

      Any help much appreciated. Thanks
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Are you talking about links to topics within the RH project? If you are, then provided you rename the file within RH (not via Windows Explorer), then RH will amend the link. You will of course need to regenerate / republish the output.

          Did you include the PDF file in the baggage?

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            SFMatBFT Level 1
            Thanks Peter, the Baggage advice worked!

            Wrt to opening files, I need to not only access external files (MS Word), but allow updating and saving to exisiting addresses. For example, the RH library will refer the user to a template 'Development Request' form, the user will complete it and save with a new name, for subsequent processing by the Development department
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I cannot see a way of people creating new documents and the RH project knowing about them.

              The closest you can get, I think, is to create links to documents that are created empty and those are used for the new stuff. Plenty of drawbacks to that.

              How about a link to an external document that lists all the target documents? That could be updated as required and RH would only have to link to the list.