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    Problem with exporting SWF for web - missing last 5 seconds


      Hello everybody.

      I´ve got this problem that when I render my animation everythings OK, but when I try to export it as SWF it doesn´t include last 5 seconds. There are only shapes & solids used in the animation (masks, scale etc.) so pretty simple stuff. Animation has 35 sec. Is there any time limit or do you have any ideas how to fix this? I checked rasterize all unsupported features that did nothing.


      AE CS6


      Thank´s a lot,



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This could be a bunch of things. It could be that the last five seconds are using an effect that is not supported so it needs to be rasterized. Frankly, AE is a lousy, let me repeat that, lousy tool for creating SWF files. Your best option is to render a video compressed in the H.261 format and use Flash to embed that video in your SWF file. The SWF will load quicker, be smaller, play on more devices and be more professional. The project will still not be mobile compatible which, now days, means you're losing 60% of your audience.