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    How do I sync Lightroom (Mobile or Desktop) to Web (lightroom.adobe.com) for iPhone Camera Roll?


      Something does not seem to be working correctly with either Lightroom Desktop (v5.5 for Mac) or the cloud (lightroom.adobe.com) when it comes to syncing pictures from my iPhone via Lightroom Mobile.  What is odd is that Lightroom Desktop seems able to sync Collections that I have created in Lightroom Desktop with both Lightroom Mobile and the cloud.  However, when it comes to the Collection on the iPhone for images from my Camera Roll the photos sync with Lightroom Desktop OK but never sync with the cloud.  Rather, what I see is that Lightroom Desktop constantly reports that it is "Syncing 358 photos" and the associated Collection in the cloud is empty.  The target Collection exists in the cloud and has the same name as the Collection on all devices so it seems to know that it exists.  I'm not getting any error messages or other information from Lightroom Desktop, except when I quit the application it advises that it is still uploading.  This isn't a major issue since the most important thing is that the images from Lightroom Mobile get into Lightroom Desktop but it is bugging me that they don't sync with the cloud.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or have an idea as to how I can remove whatever blockage is causing the issue?  I've tried turning Mobile Sync off and back on again in Lightroom Desktop, plus signed out and back in again to Creative Cloud within Lightroom Desktop, but nothing so far has worked.