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    Full screen Loupe in LR5 is very slow. Can this be fixed?

    ski ne where

      I'm trial'ing LR5 and find the full screen loupe mode very disappointing.  Going from picture to picture (Next/Previous) is very slow. 

      I'm trialing it with a very small library, just a couple hundred pictures.  With LR4, loupe mode wasn't quite blindingly fast, but at least it felt responsive. The low res presentation appears pretty much instantly followed by the full res.

      In LR5 it's annoyingly slow.  Is there some setting or optimization that needs to be done, that improves this?  Or is this just the way it is?


      I'm also disappointed that the full screen mode does not support the flyout tool bars.  They could have left a 1- or 2-pixel wide sensitive area at the borders of the screen that would trigger the tool popouts, the same way the edge bars do in LR4.