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    Share an edited photo with PS Express?

    LCPhoto86 Level 1

      I recently took a photo that had one element that needed a targeted color adjustment. I have Photoshop Mix, PS Express and Lightroom Mobile on my iPad so I thought great, I can select/isolate the object in Mix ( color adjustments there are limited to presets and none of them fit my needs), and then open the selection in Lightroom or Express and do the adjustments. The only format I could find to save the image in Mix that would preserve transparancy was the "save to photohop" option which saved a PSD to Creative Cloud. The only problem here is that I can find no way to then import this PSD from Creative Cloud to Express (I realized at this point Lightroom Mobile, with it's limited file support, was out). I also tried Revel and that doesn't work either ( that I could figure out). So really, am I to believe that with the 3 different ways of sharing files, Lightroom Mobile, Revel, and Creative Cloud, there is no way to move files from one Adobe Photoshop type app to another on an iPad?!?!? Please tell me I wrong.