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    Dreamweaver CC 2014 Changes Insert Image

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      I maintain a club web site where I link images from a club photosharing web site to show on this site.  Up until this month I have right-clicked on the image on the other site, selected "copy Image URL" and then selected Insert Image in Dreamweaver and the website URL was inserted in the <img src= code.  This has worked very well to minimize my having to have the same image on two different web site.  Now for some reason, when I copy the URL, Dreamweaver follows the <img src = with a reference to a temporary file in my user directory and wants to know if I want the file moved to the site root directoy on my computer.  I would then have to put the file to the web server, using my quota there, and remember to delete it both places when I'm no longer displaying in.  This is all a pain.  Is there some way to revert to the previous Insert Image method?