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    How long does it take to sync to Lightroom Mobile?

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      I'm very frustrated with LR mobile.  I try to use it to process raw images from my 5DIIIafter they have been loaded into Lightrom. Just today, I checked the box to sync a collection of 26 pictures.  After many minutes, Lightroom says "Syncing 2 Pictures."  On my iPad, the collection shows up with 0 pictures and again nothing has happened.  I have tried this experiment before with other picture sets and I get the same result Lightroom says "Syncing n pictures" where n is much less than the number in the collection and none of the pictures shows up on the iPad.Once, when I first installed LR mobile I was able to transfer a collection of eight pictures, but it has never worked satisfactorily since. I watched the Kelby One Video, and think I'm doing every thing correctly. LR mobile actually reports 2 collections with 34 photos on the main screen, but I have yet to see one photo from the second collection appear and LR still says it's only syncing 2 photos not 26.  It's been at least 10 minutes since I started this and nothing is happening.