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    switching to a pano screen from two displays and want to lock the second window in place.

    Scott Manthey Level 1

      I have always used two displays, I just bought a 29" pano display and want to have it act as if I still have the two when it comes to LR and it's second window option.  When I open the second window it overlays on top of LR's main screen.  I move it to the side an have it side by side with the main screen as if I had two displays and everything looks and works great but...


      The minute I minimize LR or have another program like PS take over, this configuration goes away and when I come back, I get the second window is back overlapping the main LR screen again instead of where I last left it.


      This isn't going to work for me as I constantly switch in and out of LR and PS and other programs. 


      Anyway to lock it in place like PS does with the tool menus?