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    flash xml data loading and unloading specs

      hi i am trying to get specification information that i cannot find anywhere else.

      i am working a large flash project
      and i would like to load xml data into the same swf object/movieclip repeatedly.

      as i do not want the previously loaded items to unload i need to know if doing this will unload the items from the swf or just keep them in the library so they can be reposted without reloading.

      i cannot find any supporting documenation either way that
      tells me that if i load new content into a clip (i am aware levels overwrite) if it will or will not unload this content.

      thanks in advance.
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          sly one Level 1
          New loaded content will replace the old loaded content. Images remain in the browser's cache however, so that reloading a previously loaded image will be fast.

          There is no way to store loaded content to the Library. As you spec your project you should think about how to develop it so that you don't need stored content.
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            animatix-mk Level 1
            this is awful for me -- i cant even get the clip to duplicate -- and i thought this would be the simplest solution to keeping everything cached for one page before and one page after current in the project.

            i have used a simpler clip to test the code and see if i am insane.

            duplicateMovieClip(_root.circle, "prv", 5);
            prv._x = 300;
            prv._y = 300;
            prv._visible = true;

            this ALWAYS works when i use the _root.circle file of a green simple circle
            when i change it to my main movie clip (which is loaded AND On screen -- it just doesnt duplicate at all!) -- i've even triggered it to go play frame 2 JUST IN CASE
            I've even set visibility to true JUST IN CASE

            ie all i do is change _root.circle to _root.cur
            and .... nada.

            AND _root.cur IS DEFINITELY on the screen and all xml components have been loaded into it. (it is a slide with a dynamic picture and dynamic type and it 100% works)

            has anyone had this insanity happen before?
            is this an error where flash cannot attach movie or duplicate a clip that has dynamic contents???