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    Anchoring one clip to another clip


      I'm not quite sure if i am using the right term or not, But i just cant seem to figure this out. I thought maybe rotoscoping would help, But i am not sure that it will.


      I will put it quite plainly. I have a recording of Gameplay from the Game TitanFall, From the perspective of the Cockpit of the Titan (A Large Mech Suit) And while in the Titan, The cockpit screen shakes to simulate you actually being the in the Robot.

      My plan was to take Footage that i filmed of my face from my Webcam and link it to the Shaking of the screen while in the Mech to simulate the recording being part of the actual Mech interface In-Game as a unique way to display Gameplay, But i for the life of me can not figure out how to link/anchor these 2 things.