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    Deleted all my cc 2014 Apps.


      I am wondering if I am the only person that is so annoyed with Adobe's insane number of versions that I have deleted all their cc 2014 apps which are just taking up space on my machine and create catastrophic confusion with clients and other vendors who are using the same apps with different iterations.


      It's ridiculous to not be able to open an After Effect or Premiere project just because one version says: CC and the other version says CC 2014. Don't be me started on managing all the after market plug ins that create impossibly confusing situations with CC projects that get accidentally opened with CC 2014 and then resaved and become unable to be accessed by the CC version.


      These apps are taking up space, basically duplicates of stuff I already have that are full of plug ins that I bought which sometimes are not compatible with the CC2014 versions.


      ADOBE, STOP this please. It's confusing and time is being wasted with folks who have to work with multiple vendors on the same project.


      Thank you.

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          rhalaquist Level 1

          I feel your pain. I am thinking about dropping the whole creative cloud deal and go back to just using my CS6 suite.

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            Ever since I installed CC, I have had nothing but problems.


            Typical Capitalist bastards, sell you a product and the hold you ransom to their ridiculous terms.


            What pisses me off is that they forced me into using CC which is clearly  riddled with problems, and have the audacity

            to take my money for a service and product they are not providing.


            I was happy before - now all I do is freaking update every damn day, and solve errors, which leaves me little time to do my job.