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    Edge Animate composite not loading on our BC site

    divineunity1 Level 1

      We created slide shows and other edge animate composite but I can't get them to show online. I am using a practice html right now. What files do I need to upload in order to get help with this issue? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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          NaviB2 Level 2

          Make sure that you have uploaded the edge includes folder. This is one thing that is easy to miss.


          Make sure all the images in the images folder that are used in the animation are uploaded.


          I also upload all of the edge files in the root directory of the website, including the .an file and the html sample file. They are not used to run the animation, but if you upload the .an file you have a copy of the animation itself to download and work on again later if you need to change it.


          In the root directory of the website there are also three javascript files that are created when you do the animation. They are called _edge _edgeActions and _edgePreload.


          Make sure those are uploaded as well. So that is 5 files in the root directory of your website that need to be uploaded, plus the edge includes folder.


          The html file created from the animation is the guide as to what code you need to put into the html of the webpage that you want to the animation on. Check the code in this page carefully and make sure you have inserted the three important pieces of code there on to the webpage with the animation.


          These are:

          1. <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge"/> statement in the head tag

          2. the script and style statements between the <!--Adobe Edge Runtime--> tags in the head area

          3. the Div with id Stage in the body tag on the page.


          By the way I have found that you don't need to have style="margin:0;padding:0;" in the body tag. The animation seems to run fine if that is deleted.


          And one word of warning when doing a BC site, I have found that an edge animation will not run on a html page that also has a tag inserted on it for a photo gallery. I logged a job for this one and it has never been solved.


          Good luck and let me know how you go.

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            divineunity1 Level 1

            Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the feedback, we decided to use the OAM files through Muse this go around, but when I get familiar with Dreamweaver and HTML I will follow your instructions.