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    How can I move multiple keyframes




      I am learning Edge Animate for HTML5 banner ads etc. Since I come from Flash as a timeline animator I wonder how you can move multiple keyframes at once without killing the original animation.

      I looked up several existing topics but I cannot find how to do this without the animation changing a little bit. Edit multiple keyframes in flash works like a charm but I cannot get it done in Edge so far.


      What I have:

      Simple text animation coming from left and 0 to 100 alpha, stops in middle. Goes to right after another second fading to alpha 0 again.


      What I tried:

      Deactivating auto keyframe, standing on one of the made keyframes selecting all of them and moved the whole thing to for example 50 pixels right and up.

      For some reason the first part of the animation is still intact but the motion to the right at the end suddenly moves to the left.


      What does work but I dont want:

      Creating a symbol of it and moving it around. This will be much less efficient when for example having many text frames or if you have to make many difrent ad sizes.


      I'm looking for a solution that will make me work superfast in edge like I can in Flash.


      Thank you