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    linking a .fla to a URL...

    r_tist Level 1

      I'm trying to accurately add a hyperlink in my .fla so it will link to a URL. I'm very rusty with Flash, especially ActionScript 2.0.
      I've tried the getURL action and that didn't really work, so I used onRelease and that seems better. However, my file isn't working everytime, and it seems like I have to double click for the link to work.
      Let me describe my file a bit so you can better advise me.
      It's a multi-layered .fla with about 200 frames (say) and I figured to get it to react like a button, I put a layer at the top and created a box over the section I'd like to link (gave it an alpha of 1% so it's completely transparent)...then I went to the last frame and added the same keyframe. Mind you, I converted the box graphic to a button. I think this is where I'm getting confused. The action is on the first frame so it does it know to "flow" throughout the timeline??
      I hope this makes sense...I need to do something very simple and it could be the way my file is set up that's hindering me.

      thank you
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          Chris McLaughlin Level 1

          I just finished a program with a link in which I used the getURL method:

          getUrl("http:\\www.mn.com", _blank):

          no problems. I wonder if it has anything to do with your button. First is it a button? If so, you wouldn't need to worry about transparency. you can leave, the first 3 (visible) states blank (as in a key frame followed by two blank frames) and create a "rectangle" on the 4th hit state to receive the click.

          The rectangle is not visible and can be made large enough to ensure that your button responds.

          Good luck.