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    HTML5 Output - Download Option?




      at the moment we are setting up HTML5 outputs containing manuals for our software. Everything works fine thus far, however we are missing an option to download the output as a PDF file as we would like our users to be able to do so.

      Is there a hidden (or to me unknown) option, to simply copy&paste the link for the PDF file within FrameMaker and have that option included?


      Thanks in advance! I appreciate your help.


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          FieryPantone Community Member

          How do you make the HTML pages accessible to the user? are you using any sort of Help system? I'm thinking that if you tell us a bit more about the process, other people may be able to give you a helpful answer. For myself, I could imagine at least two scenarios: print CSS so users can print a usable hard copy of a single page, or a default link on every page to download the full guide in .pdf … but I'm pretty sure there will be other options.

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            jlnfischer Community Member

            Thanks for your response.

            The HTML files/pages will be uploaded on our webserver so that they are accessible via internet. It's supposed to be an online help. A print option is already implemented but that's not exactly what we are looking for.

            Your second idea comes close to what I was thinking about, however I was hoping for other solutions. But maybe there aren't any and this is the best way to do it.

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              FieryPantone Community Member

              Well, I think one of the characteristic differences between on-line help and "document-based" help is how much info the user is presented with at a time: typically, one small topic (though often with links to others) on-line and a complete information set on paper. And I'm fairly sure that an option to dump all the online topics to a single .pdf wouldn't be altogether satisfactory; so I'd be minded to start with the same stack of information and generate two outputs, which is one of the many things FM does rather well.

              Now back to my current project, reusing introductory/overview material from a monster book to generate html pages for delivery as WebHelp :-}