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    Why is the CPU maxing out with LR5 and not PS CC?


      I'm running an iMac with a dual core processor ( I don't have the specs handy) with 8 GB RAM.  I haven't had any difficulties until recently--nothing has changed in terms of hardware or software.  I'm running a 1TB SATA HD with about 660 GB of space left.


      When I check the activity monitor with LR5.5 running, the CPU activity goes from a low of around 15-20% to as high as 185%.  The RAM screen for the activity monitor shows predominantly yellow, green and red, in that order, with no blue.


      The problem seemed to start in the Develop module using the adjustment brush to make a high number of sharpening tweaks on a pine tree blossom-- the problem manifesting in the SBBOD.  Otherwise, the activity monitor, with or without the SBBOD, will show Lightroom as not responding.  Numerous force quits has not corrected any problems.  Doing a safe start and running LR5 produces the same results.  The activity monitor appears to show normal activity in all other areas, although the root kernel seems to be running high in LR%, sometimes as high as 60%.


      I'm able to run CS6 and PS CC with no difficulties, knock wood.  I'd hate to have to cough up the dough for a new set up; I want to go whole hog and saving will take a good while.


      I would appreciate any constructive responses.