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    how to i resize a larger 72ppi image to better quality smaller image but for correct size to paste into flyer


      Hi, I am trying to resize a larger 16cm wide image saved at 72dpi to a smaller better quality 5cm wide image for invites for an art exhibition I am having. I figure there must be lots of information in the pic given that it is large, I just want to condense it into a smaller image. If I adjust the size to 5 cm wide it changes the dpi to 230 which would be better for printing (the 72 dpi is way too grainy). However when I paste it into the flyer I am making in photoshop it pastes as a massive picture. I then tried to drag the corners in to make it the right size and it became even grainier than a 5cm wide 72dpi image. I hope that makes sense to someone. So basically I need a 5cm wide document size that I can put in my small flyer that is the best quality I can make it! Thanks in advance!