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    Lost Data

    R0bert! Level 1
      I inherited a system that we are using for our application help. I have been maintaining and complining the application up to now with no problems. The original author had created a Table of Contents, and Index and a Glossary. I generated new versions of the help and had no problems. However, recently as I was working I noticed I was missing the above pieces to the application. I have all my graphics and html files, just no ToC, index or glossary. The only thing I can think of that I did to the application was rename the source file. Because of version needs, I also made a copy of the application and all the associated files to create a new version to make upcoming changes. Neither version has the missing components. Would that have caused this problem? If so, can I reverse it? I can get a backup version of the app, but that is actually how I got my second version and it was missing them as well. I stand to loose a considerable amount of work. Can anyone offer insight to recovering an Index, ToC and Glossary?

      RoboHelp version 5.0.1
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          I suspect you renamed the source file using Windows Explorer rather than doing it the correct way using File | Rename Project. If that is the case, then the missing files will have names that no longer match the project file and RoboHelp has lost track of them as a result.

          What you need to do is put the project file name back to what it was. Then open RoboHelp and you should find you have everything back. Assuming that is the case, use File | Rename Project and you should be OK.

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            R0bert! Level 1
            Bah!.... yes. That was it. Thanks very much.