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    Incorrect style sheet report

    Nom dAdobe
      I imported several html pages as topics into my Robohelp HTML 6 project from another project. They brought with them the style sheet which they had originally used. By using topic Properties/Appearance, I changed the style sheet from the original (call it OldProject.css) to the one used for the rest of the project (call it NewProject.css). The style changes were applied as they should have been, and looking at the HTML code, I see NewProject.css and not OldProject.css. But when I open the Tools menu in the main RoboHelp window and select Reports/Style Sheets, it shows OldProject.css with the imported topics listed under it. I deleted OldProject.css from the project directory, and it still appears, but with an "X" indicating, I guess, missing. I get no errors when compiling, and everything else seems ok. It's just that the style sheet report persists in showing the old and now unused style sheets for the imported topics, and OldProject.css still shows in the Project Manager.

      This behavior persists after I end and restart RoboHelp HTML.

      I wanted to use the report to see if I'd missed any topics when changing the style sheets, but it's not useful because it insists I missed them all.

      Is this a program bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Look at the html of one of the topics. Does it show both stylesheets instead of just the new one?

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            Nom dAdobe Level 1
            No. As I said in the original posting, only the new style sheet is shown in the imported HTML topics. And the new style sheet is definitely the one being applied to them. In fact, a multi-file search finds no reference to the old style sheet in any of the HTML files -- as it should be.

            An additional note: When I open the Properties dialog of the new style sheet (the one actually being used for all topics) in the Project Manager and look at the list under the Used In tab, it doesn't list the imported topics. They're still shown listed in the old style sheet. So this agrees with the report, and both disagree with the HTML code and the style sheet actually being applied.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              Try this.

              Generate a CHM output even if it is not one you normally use. Just use the default settings. That updates the HHP file.

              Delete the CPD and XPJ files and then open the project using the HHP file to see if that corrects the database, which may be the cause of this problem. Do that with a copy of the project and see if it corrects the problem.

              If it does, then read the topic on my site about opening projects to see the things that need to be checked.

              Post back and we'll take it from there.

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                Nom dAdobe Level 1
                That did the trick -- thanks! I did have to set my primary layout back to HTML help from the default WebHelp, but once I did, the settings reappeared. Also, the two printing layouts returned when I named them. I had to look at the Project Manager in the backup to see what they were named, since I hadn't named them the same as the output files. Thanks again. I look forward to the day that RoboHelp either doesn't corrupt files, or at least detects that they're corrupted and fixes them without user involvement.