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    Topics with Two Columns, and ?s about Margins


      I've been searching all over and can't quite get the answers I need.  I have a robohelp project which will solely be for written documentation.  Some of the topics within this project I would like two have two columns, the left column will just have headings and the right side will have content.  I did accomplish this by making a table, however I can't remove the borders.  I also tried another way by using this, which works great but when I made printed documentation it didn't make it look like I have on my screen (printed the headings all together then the content on later pages).


      #container2 {     clear: left;     float: left;     width: 100%;     overflow: hidden; } #container1 {     float: left;     width: 100%;     position: relative;     right: 50%; } #col1 {     float: left;     width: 50%;     position: relative;     overflow: hidden; } #col2 {     float: left;     width: 50%;     position: relative;     overflow: hidden; }



      So I guess I have a few questions to try and make this project go smoothly.  Since I will only be using this project for written documentation, what would be the best way to make sure that each topic I am working on will print the way I want it to (margins, etc.)?  Is there a good way to deal with my two column issue?  Would making a style that indents the text be a good solution?