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    Browse sequences with Content Categories

    Sreekanth_S MVP



      I am using RH10, with TCS4. I am publishing to WebHelp.


      We have a requirement to create two ToCs for two roles accessing our course material. The content and the TOCs are linked to FM book. I have created Content Categories for this purpose. The problem is that I am not able to create browse sequences for each of these category's TOC. Browse sequence editor accepts only one TOC. Is there a way I can make it work?


      Or, should I explore merged WebHelp feature to make this happen? I am not familiar with it. But I know Grainge's website offers the best guidance on this topic if I have to learn.


      Thanks in advance.



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          RoboColum(n) ACP

          Merged webhelp is not the answer here. You should be able to define the browse sequences you want for each content category.


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            Sreekanth_S MVP

            What do I select in the Browse Sequence Editor window (Tools > Browse Sequence Editor)? In my case, the navigation should be as per the TOC, at 2nd level.



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              RoboColum(n) ACP

              I am wondering if you are approaching this in the right way. If I understand your requirements you have a single FM file. This creates your content in RH which includes content for two specific audience. If you only want audience A to see the Audience A content and audience B to see the Audience B content, you don't need browse sequences. You just need to create your content categories in the WebHelp single source layout.


              See RH9 Dynamic User-Centric Content for further details. This refers to RH9 but it also applies to later versions.


              Browse sequences are a way of leading users through a logical sequence of topics (e.g. steps in a UI wizard). They are not a way of filtering out content.

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                Sreekanth_S MVP

                Ah! Got it now. I have two FM books linked to this RH project, each having its own TOC. That is why the problem.


                So, I guess the solution is to merge these books in FM, generate a ToC there and then import it to RH. That way we will have one ToC to deal with. My TOC is structured at two levels. So, if the combined TOC results in, say 50 books (one for each lesson, with 25 lessons for each role), then I will have to select/ deselect 25 times in the WebHelp Output settings window. Is that right?



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                  RoboColum(n) ACP

                  You could do as you suggest but you don't need to.


                  As you have linked your books you will already have two TOCs and the relevant content for each content category. If you apply conditional text to the content in FM and update the linked FM books, you will end up with the right content together with the required content tagging. Then you can setup the Content Categories in the WebHelp single source layout and specify the appropriate TOC and conditional build tag expression for each role.