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    Scribble effect on 3D shape layer redraws and changes thickness when moving camera in Z-direction


      Hi community,


      I have created a shape layer in Adobe After Effects, marked it as 3D layer and copy/pasted a path from Adobe Illustrator as a mask. I applied
      a static scribble effect "on transparent" to this layer, which works fine.
      The problem I have is: When I am using a camera, bound to a null object, and move it in Z-direction (which looks like zooming), the static scribbles
      are redrawn and the thickness of the scibble line is adapted so that the line appears to have an equal thickness regardless of the position of the camera on
      the Z-axis.

      This is how the shape with scribble effect looks like initially


      This is how the shape looks like when moving the camera "backwards" (- on the Z-axis). The lines are equally thick
      relative to the camera and thus appear thicker relative to the size of the shape. Also the scribble inside the arrow is obviously
      redrawn, seemingly maintaining a constant spacing between the scribble lines.


      Is there a possibility to prevent the scribble from being redrawn and the lines and spaces from being scaled when the camera


      I use After Effects CS 6,, on Windows 7 64-Bit. Scribble effect is version 1.0


      I appreciate your help! Thanks.