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    Asked again and again to verify account



      Over the last couple of months, I've had issues with verifying email addresses to receive submissions. I've created a form (I am the co-author) but my email address is still 'unverified." Resending invitations to have an email verified didn't help.

      Help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          When you say you have been having trouble receiving submissions do you mean the submissions don't show up in your response table or are you referring to receiving email notifications? Has this ever worked for you for this form or did is stop working at some point? Any additional information about your form and broken workflow will help us diagnose the problem.



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            esylvie Level 1

            I'm referring to the email notifications/receipts. The latest issue is with a new form. I'd like to receive a notification when data are submitted but I get nothing, although I am a co-author. Here is the message I see: "Users without FormsCentral accounts or accounts with unverified email addresses cannot receive email notifications. Only those email addresses with verified accounts have been added"

            Thanks for your help!